General Álvaro Baltodano Cantarero

Presidential Delegate for Investment Promotion and Foreign Trade

Republic of Nicaragua


General Alvaro Baltodano is Presidential Delegate for Investment in Nicaragua, a Minister level position.  As such, he heads the Presidential Delegation for Investment Promotion and Foreign Trade Facilitation which is, with cooperation from the public and private sectors, a national effort to promote the development of direct national and foreign private investment, and the facilitation of foreign trade, to drive the economic growth of the country and the human development of the population.  He also leads PRONicaragua, the official investment promotion agency and directs the National Free Zone Commission (CNZF), which is the government regulating agency that oversees all of the country’s export processing zones, including the Free Zone Corporation, which is the only state-owned industrial park in the CNZF and has more employees than any other park.  Among General Baltodano’s responsibilities are textiles and apparel negotiations, especially related to DR-CAFTA.  He is also a member of the Government Commission for relations with the Nicaraguan private sector and he headed the Committee for Alliances with Political Forces and Personalities and was previously a member of the Electoral Campaign Committee in 2006 when current Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, was voted back into power. 


General Baltodano had a lengthy career in the Nicaraguan military where, between 1979 and his retirement in 2000, he received all the decorations awarded by the Nicaraguan army.  He also served as Nicaraguan army attaché in Mexico and Guatemala (2001-2006) and was Secretary General for the Nicaraguan army from 1990-1996.  He served as a Nicaraguan Delegate in the Central American Parliament from 2001-2006.  General Baltodano is also a farmer, particularly with emphasis on coffee and cattle.  He holds a BA in Business Administration from the Central American University and did post graduate courses in Military Science in Managua.  He is married and has five children.

 General Alvaro Baltodano